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Fund Your Growth    Keep Control of Your Vision    Maximize Equity Value

Not every entrepreneur needs to be beholden to the venture capital industry to achieve success.  For many founders, tying their future to a limited investor ecosystem may actually do more harm than good, especially when their vision diverges from their investors’ interests and beliefs.   If professional venture firms may not be a good fit for you, The Vineyard Group offers time-tested and proven alternatives that funds your growth, diversifies your shareholder base, opens many new sources of future funding, and allows you to execute your vision with freedom and flexibility.  We act as both principals and trusted advisors.

Introducing our law firm

Our Funding Processes

Our processes are designed to provide the management teams we work with the capital they need to fund their growth, while retaining substantial ownership and control at the same time, through an Alternative Public Offering (APO).  An Alternative Public Offering is a cheaper, faster and more efficient source of capital compared with the traditional IPO and has many benefits: 

  •                 Enhances valuation through transparency, liquidity and broad shareholder  base;

  •                  Creates a new exit route for the principals;

  •                  Creates an attractive currency to use for acquisitions; 

  •                  Provides transparent equity incentives for employees and management; 

  •                  Grants early introductions to Institutional Investors; and

  •                  Creates substantial financing opportunities – as a public company with audited                                 financials, the universe of potential investors is substantially enhanced. 

1331 Brickell Bay Drive,  Miami  FL

One Boston Place,  Boston MA

30 Wall Street, 8th Floor New York

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